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Who We Are


Sophia’s assisted living facility is a privately owned senior group home that provides housing, hospitality services and personal care services for adults who can live independently or need some level of assistance. At Sophia’s Care Home for Seniors, residents are provided with their choice of private or semi-private rooms furnished with furniture. Residents maintain a great deal of independence and privacy while being supported with services. At Sophia’s Senior Living, we offer everything seniors need to ensure they stay happy and healthy as they age. We ensure every resident is able to live life on their own terms in a safe and secure community setting. Access to assistance is available 24/7 to offer seniors care and support for daily tasks, nutritious and delicious dinning option, planned activities and much more.

Why Choose Us???

  1. We are a Small Sized Elderly Care Home with up to 5 Residents.
  2. Less Visitors & precisely needed staff and small group of seniors prevents exposure to many infectious diseases such as COVID-19.
  3. Every elderly resident gets one on one care.
  4. Beautiful & huge front yard and Back Yard allow the elderly clients to spend the day outdoors as well to get more sunlight.
  5. Beautiful Sun-room gives residents an option to enjoy the sun while sitting indoors.
  6. This elderly care home is fully accessible for residents in wheel chairs.
  7. We have been COVID free since it started 

Why Choose Sophia Senior Living???

1. We are a Small 

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What we offer

Peace of Mind

We look at all the aspects of care including physical and aesthetic needs of our clients. We treat residents as our family members to make sure we are providing them care they need. Residents are able to share their thoughts with each other and socialize. We plan activities for residents to keep them busy in their daily routines so they are happy to live at our place and gives family a peace of mind. Residents’ activities may include board games, folding laundry, baking cookies, gardening, and activities of their personal interest.

Competitive Pricing 


Our beautiful Senior group home is located in a rural community setting with a five acres of outdoors well maintained front and back yards with competitive rates. Monthly prices include housekeeping, meals, and occasional transportation to MD clinics, banks, shopping and senior centers and supervised day to day activities and more.

Compassionate Caregivers

Our facility provides Spacious private rooms, living room with a TV, books to read, board games, sunroom and a balcony. Spacious outdoor area, place to garden if interested and roam the supervised outdoors at our facility. This setting is excellent for residents who do not want to live in a larger community settings but still require some level of assistance with supervised activities.


Adult Day Care Program 

We provide a very stimulating social environment with planned program of activities at a setting designed for seniors or those who feel isolated and lonely at home. We will provide them activities in group settings which enables them to socialize. We offer day care services for a limited number of elderly clients at this facility.

Social Activities

Activities are tailored to the participants’ abilities and health conditions; such activities include arts and crafts, musical entertainment and sing-a-longs, mental stimulation games such as bingo, light exercise, discussion groups on books and current affairs and holidays and birthday celebrations.

Nutrition & Personal Care

Sophia’s Living day care centre provides seniors with nutritious meals along with snacks. Staff is there to assist with toileting, feeding, and walking if needed.

Transportation for the elderly

Pick up and drop off services are offered at additional cost.

How Are We Different

Our assisted living facility has more than five acres of land, well maintained front yard, back yard and a beautiful sun-room at the front of the house that enables residents to enjoy the sunshine even in winter. We provide a safe environment to spend the day with planned recreational and educational activities. This helps adults enhance and maintain their level of independence, build new friendships and enjoy peer support. 

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